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Italy’s Under-the-Radar Treasure

The remains of Greek and Roman temples and prehistoric monuments are scattered all over the dry sierras, popping up amid cactuses, olive groves and tobacco farms. Add to this some pretty nice beaches, baking sun and a general desire to party to musical styles from pizzica to house, and you can see why the Italians themselves love the place so much.

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    Sun, Sea and Wind

    The last peninsula jutting out from the Italian peninsula, that strip of land that is literally closer to Greece and Albania than Rome or Milan, is not officially recognised as a region and yet its inhabitants and the Country at large treat it like one. There is a cultural, geographical and linguistic identity that embraces the province of Lecce and a (small and often questioned) part of the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto. Also known as “the Italian Maldives”, Salento has enjoyed a steady increase in national and international tourism over the past two decades.

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