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Australian Cuisine Guide

Sydney, Australia

Food Guide
Main ingredients

Meat is the basic dish in Australian cuisine and grilled meat is now considered a national dish. The favorite meat is that of cattle and sheep, but those of kangaroos, emus and bisons, more delicate and low in fat, are also appreciated. The seas are very fishy and offer some fish and crustaceans unknown in the Mediterranean, such as bugs, very tasty small crabs, and the barramundi, a large and precious fish halfway between tuna and swordfish, with a delicate flavor. Other typical products are macadamia oil, a dry fruit that is not widespread in Europe, and vegemite, a cream made with a very tasty and sour yeast extract and soybean, consumed for breakfast and to flavor some dishes.

Some typical Australian dishes

Kangaroo Pie: puff pastry filled with cod, rolled into a strudel shape, with onions and gherkins, served with a cheddar sauce. Its name derives from its shape, which recalls the kangaroo of a kangaroo.

Kangaroo with mushrooms: grilled kangaroo meat served with mushrooms cooked in a pan.

Pavlova: meringue-based cake with whipped cream and fruit. In Australia it can be found in pastry shops or in bakeries, but also in the main supermarket chains.