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La Piadina

Ravenna, Italy

Food Guide
The Origins of the Piadina

There are many currents of thought both on the origin and on the form of authentic dough, of course we know that the first traces of piada we already have from the ancient Romans. Its diffusion has expanded during the Middle Ages before and then in the Renaissance. Its name derives from a term of Northern Italy that reconnects it to the concept of "vase" or "long plate". In ancient Rome we know that the piadina was consumed in the most refined environments. Among the farmers, however, spread, because it was a simple and cheap food. With certainty we know that since antiquity, the ancestor of the Romagna piadina, was consumed stuffed or as a substitute for bread, but the non-optimal cooking methods made it hard after a few hours, forcing the guests to consume it in the shortest possible time.

Piadina Today

Today the piadina is the very symbol of Romagna, and both on the coast and inland there are numerous kiosks where the piadina is handmade as it once was. From zone to zone it is differentiated by thickness and ingredients. There is no official rule of implementation, preparation is at the discretion of personal taste. Today the piadina and the evolution and the research have favored the birth of premises that combine modernity and tradition.