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Basilica di Saccargia

Basilica Sardinia, Italy

The most famous and spectacular medieval church of the island Basilica di Saccargia

The church of the Santissima Trintà di Saccargia is among the most famous Romanesque-Pisan churches in Sardinia. It was built during the XII century by the Camaldolese Order and consecrated in 1116, following the donation of Constantine I, judge of Torres. The basilica was part of a large monastic complex of which the remains are visible on the right side of the basilica.

The legend tells of a spotted cow that every day came from a distant pasture to offer its milk to the friars of a convent and used to kneel on its back, in an attitude of prayer, right in the place where the church now stands. Hence "vacca vargia" (spotted-haired cow), from the dialect "sa baccarza", then "sa 'accarza", then Saccargia.

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