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Guide to the New York traditional CheeseCake

New York, USA

Food Guide

The New York cheesecake is a typical dessert of the American tradition; created in New York in 1929, what makes this cake special is its delicious cream cheese. You can find this tasty cake in all the menus in New York. Considered to be the best cake in the world, it won the Best Cakes competition in London in 2014.

Its origin

The ancestor of the modern cheesecake dates back to 776 a.c. in the island of Delos, in Greece. During the first Olympic games, athletes used to eat a sweet dessert made with sheep's cheese and honey, to give them strength and energy. The modern cheesecake is instead a dessert prepared with fresh cream cheese. In 1872, the American milkman James L. Kraft, invented a fresh pasteurized cheese that he called Philadelphia, a tribute to the city where it was created; since then, the Philadelphia is used in every cheesecake.

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