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Guide to the fast food king: the Hamburger

New York, USA

Food Guide

We can say that New York is the capital of the tasty Hamburger. According to a popular legend this sandwich was exported in the USA by Deutsch sailors who left from the port of Hamburg, that's where its name comes from.

The original New York Hamburger

The first hamburger made with lettuce leaves, tomato, onion, enclosed within a soft sandwich was born in the TriBeCa district, one of the most fancy districts in New York . The hamburger has therefore become a typical food of the American cuisine and New York has contributed giving this food its own identity . In the Big Apple you can find a lot of places to eat burgers; from little bistros to famous restaurants. In each place you can taste different types of sandwiches, with excellent meat accompanied by sauces and cheeses. While visiting Manhattan you definitely have to taste the typical hamburger with fries.