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Chrysler Building

Skyscraper New York, USA

Take a picture of the unique Chrysler Building

Unique, spectacular and iconic, Chrysler Building is probably one of the most beloved high-rises in the world.

Chrysler Building is an art decò styled “hand-made” palace, exactly as his founder Walter P. Chrysler wanted it, when he decided to personally handle the 77 floors building project in 1928. Instead of using ready-made materials, as was common at that time, CB is the result of an handcrafted work, taking place from the inside of the building. The peak, the windows and the metal foils that cover the palace were all crafted and worked from inside the laboratories at 65th and 67th floor. The very same gargoyles were crafter after specific components of Chrysler cars and the peak is a re-elaboration of a car radiator. At the 31st floor you can find the giant replicas of the radiator cup used in Chrysler cars in 1929, while at 61st there are eagles standing out against the city below with their gothic splendor. Nowadays the only part you can visit is the majestic hall.

405 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10174, Stati Uniti

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