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Brooklyn in One Day

New York, USA

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Gianluca Spaggiari
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In case you're planning a trip to the Big Apple, we recommend to include Brooklyn as one of your must-see in your vacation. This is one of the most sparkling and populous districts of the New York area: just imagine that if Brooklyn was a city, it would be the third one after Los Angeles and Chicago. With our itinerary you will manage to see the best attractions of this area in a single day. So... if you're ready... let's go!!!


This one-day journey has been designed to be made by foot, in fact, in just 3 miles you will be able to see the most popular destination in Brooklyn, as well as some hidden gems.

Brooklyn Bridge
Step 1

Where else can your Brooklyn day begin if not from its Bridge? Begin your tour by walking across the pedestrian crossing that, from the Manhattan City Hall/Chambers St. subway stop, directly leads you towards the bridge promenade. In this 30 minutes cakewalk, walking above the East River, you will have the privilege to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Seize the morning

At the end of the bridge, you will be in the Brooklyn district; once you're back on the ground get ready your camera, there are many places to see and capture there.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Step 2

Reach Brooklyn Bridge Park and the picturesque Dumbo buildings, and then go south towards the Brooklyn Promenade, the "window" upon Manhattan. Needless to say right? I'm sure you will already have your phone or camera out.

Brooklyn Promenade

Once there you will have the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of everything the city has to offer. The Brooklyn Promenade a one-third-mile stretch of pavement along the East River, beloved by both tourists and locals; Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty are the most captured icons from this promenade. From there, with a 15 min walk, you will get to an unorthodox museum, one of the gems of this itinerary...all aboard!!!

New York Transit Museum
Step 3

The Ny Transit Museum is one of the most important American Museum, located in an old underground subway stop, this unusual museum tells and shows the story of the New York subway.

Brooklyn Tabernacle

Brooklyn Tabernacle is an evangelical non-denominational megachurch, noted for its sermons, guests and its six time Grammy Award-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, who sang for the 2013 second inauguration of Barack Obama. The church holds three two-hour services weekly and counts 10.000 people. From there another 10 minutes walk to get to an area you'll surely have seen in some movie or American TV show...

Prospect Heights
Step 4

Get into the amazing Brooklyn Height borough and its typical brownstone buildings; don't forget to take a look in the Cobble Hill area and its red stone terraced houses. A fun fact: many streets in Brooklyn Heights are named after fruits; this because it seems that in the past, a woman named Middagh was bored of the usual celebrities names for the streets and decided to change the toponymy of the neighborhood.

A taste of Japan in Brooklyn

After all the walking and visiting, you must be hungry... so why not stopping by for some Ramen? In Prospect Heights you can find "Chuko" that means "vintage" in japanese, describing the appreciation of careful selection and innovation with both traditional and novel ingredients of this take away or seated restaurant. I'd go there if I were you...

Grand Army Plaza

Once recharged and restored, let's have another 15 minutes walk to digest and approach the next step of our itinerary: Grand Army Plaza. Originally known as Prospect Park Plaza, it consists of concentric oval rings arranged as streets. Originally, the grounds of the Grand Army Plaza was a battleground of the Battle of Long Island, the first battle of the American Revolution: a milestone for those who love history...

Brooklyn Museum
Step 5

While wandering in Brooklyn's green lung, the following recommended attraction is the Brooklyn Museum: one of the major cultural New York attractions, the 560,000-square-foot Brooklyn Museum made history as the first American art museum to exhibit African objects as artwork. In addition to the more than 4,000 items in the Egyptian holdings, its visitors can admire pieces by masters such as Cézanne, Monet and Degas, in addition to an entire center devoted to feminist art.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Since you're still in Prospect Park, don't miss the amazing Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the most "natural" attraction in the Big Apple, as the NY Times quotes; it doesn't matter in which season you're visiting it, you can always find flowering plants. One of the gems of this Park is the Japanese Garden, realized following the authentic social and religious Japanese tradition, resulting in a high quality surrounding,as a true a natural masterpiece.

And now, head for the last stop of this itinerary... I hope you don't scare easily.

Cimitero di Green-Wood
Step 6

Its beauty is only matched by its history, art, architecture and residents...ladies and gentlemen here's the Green-Wood Cemetery. Founded in 1838 and now a National Historic Landmark. Green-Wood was built before Central Park and was part of the rural cemetery movement, which believed in creating cemeteries that were like parks. It was and still is a tourist attraction. Don't waste the chance to enjoy an unusual visit in a cemetery like no other!.

Time to come back

All good things come to an end... so for today that's all folks!!! I hope you enjoyed this itinerary as much as we did. One last advice: we suggest to come back to Manhattan at the crack of nightfall, crossing Williamsburg Bridge's walkway, to enjoy Manhattan's skyline by sunset. Hope to see you soon!!!

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Brooklyn in One Day
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