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Metropolitan Naples, Italy

The most impressive underground railway stations in Europe Toledo

Burrowed fifty meters into the earth, the bowels of the station were built below the ground water. But the deepest station built on Line 1 to date is no black hole. In fact, the further down you go, the brighter the station gets. From the black of the ground to the ocher of the earth, until finally reaching the blues of the sea.

Designed around the themes of light and water, hexagonal openings and a huge crater allow the natural light to reach into the deepest recesses of the station. Here, mimicking the movement of the sea, Robert Wilson’s light panels move passengers along the corridor that leads to the train platform. It is another stunning example of a collaborative project engaging architects, artists, designers, and craftsmen from near and far in the laboratory, in the experiment in the large-scale public art that is Naples Metro System.

Via Toledo, Napoli NA, Italy

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