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Westminster Abbey

Place of Worship London, United Kingdom

The House of Kings Westminster Abbey

Home to the coronation of British monarchs since 1066, burial place of royalty and eminent personalities of British history, Westminster Abbey has seen major national events, including the wedding of the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate, and the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales.

It is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and the nave, at 34 meters long, is the largest in Great Britain. The naves house tombs, busts and memorials and, as the name suggests, Poets's Corner is dedicated to great names in British literature such as Shakespeare, Chaucer and Kipling. Consecrated in 1065 by King Edward it was called west minster, church of the west, to distinguish it from St Paul's Cathedral, located to the east of the city. Edward was buried in the newly consecrated church and canonized in 1611 as St Edward the Confessor. Even today his reliquary is one of the most important tomb monuments within the Abbey.

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