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Luriana Cuisine Guide

Lake of Como, Italy

Food Guide
Typical lake and mountain

The cuisine of Lake Como is twofold: on the one hand the flavors linked to the lake predominate, the typical tastes of the hill and mountain gastronomy stand out. That's why the cuisine of this place will seem more varied than ever. Mountain and hill are custodians of that poor and genuine tradition that has its symbols in polenta taragna, buckwheat, or polenta uncia.

The most characteristic dish of the Lake Como cuisine are the missoltini or missultin, the agons fished in May that are deprived of the internal parts of the fish, to then be placed in the open air to dry in the sun; then they are put to one with layers divided with aluminum leaves, in my absence that is a container closed by a piece of wood burdened with weights, so that I miss the restyling under pressure for some months. They are tasted after cooking on a grill, oiled with vinegar, accompanied by a slice of toasted polenta and red wine.

Polenta is the queen of the Como table as well as of the entire Alpine arc: it comes on mixing and baking corn and buckwheat flour. Accompanies fish, meat, game and ideal for tasty cheeses. The ancient daily dish of the pastors of the pastures was polenta and milk. Polenta is also very well prepared: a mixture of polenta and cheese, seasoned with a mixture of butter, garlic and sage.

The most popular

Risotto with perch fillets is one of the most popular Lariano dishes, it could be defined as a eulogy to Lombardy: on the one hand the risotto, tip preparation in the history of this region, on the other the lake perch.