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What to eat in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Food Guide
Timeless icons of Finnish cuisine

The Finns have a particular passion for their cuisine and know how to celebrate it: local foods are in all respects an expression of their cultural roots. Eating in Helsinki and Finland is simpler than what is believed, you just need to choose typical things. Among the typical Finnish dishes, fish is the master.


The Finns favorite snack is made up of small fishes similar to lightly floured anchovies and fried in butter accompanied by potatoes and / or a garlic-based sauce.


The karjalanpiirakka is small to be in one hand and is practically dissolved in the mouth. The soft crust is traditionally a base of rye flour and filled with potatoes, rice or carrots: if spread with a mixture of butter and eggs it will become irresistible! Literally called "carelian tart", as between the eastern province of Karelia.


The rye flour bread in Finland is an institution, so important for the Finns that direct costs by mail to those who lived abroad, whatever the cost. There are several versions, as a form of donut (reikäleipa) goes for the greater