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Château de Plessis Bourrè

Castle Châteaux of the Loire Valley, France

A masterpiece of ethereal and lasting harmony Château de Plessis Bourrè

Located in Écuillé, the castle of Plessis-Bourré, a magnificent 15th-century building surrounded by ditches with water, has served as a backdrop for numerous films such as "The Fabulous Tale of Donkey Leather", "The Knight of Lagardère" and "Fanfan la Tulipe ". The tower, the towers, the drawbridges, the walkway, the fortified gates and the great ditches make it a real fortress. However, with its architectural details that herald the Renaissance and the richly decorated rooms, the castle of Plessis-Bourré is also a country house. Inside, the splendid wooden ceiling of the Sala delle Guardie, painted with characters and animals, arouses great admiration.

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    +33 2 41 32 06 72

    Château du Plessis-Bourré, 49460 Écuillé, France

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