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The most Instagrammable places of Assisi

Assisi, Italy

Collection of 7 places
A place where a strong and bursting mysticism looms Eremo delle Carceri
Historical Place

The Hermitage of the Carceri is one of the most significant places of the experience of St. Francis in which he retired together with his followers to pray and still today retains its charm and its deep mystery that, at a distance of eight hundred years, still leaves in visitor the tangible sign of his presence.

Discover Parco del Monte Subasio
Protected Park

The park of Mount Subasio is a protected natural area of the Umbria region, established in 1995. Its territory extends in 4 municipalities in the province of Perugia. The trail of Mount Subasio consists of 14 marked trails, designed to connect all the settlements located around the mountain and, above all, the many railway stations that allow you to make wonderful crossings.

The "lay" square of Assisi Piazza del Comune

The Piazza del Comune is a vast elongated space corresponding to the central terrace of the ancient city, once dominated by a temple and surrounded by arcades. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the free space was progressively occupied by private homes, save a widening to a crossroads of streets. The rebirth of the square is linked to the origin of the medieval Commune, which established its first seat in the cell of the Temple of Minerva (1212).

An intact piece of Umbrian landscape Bosco di San Francesco

The Bosco of San Francesco is located in Assisi, at the foot of the Basilica dedicated to the Saint who in the 13th century lived and preached in these lands, together with his companions, giving life to the Franciscan order. In 2008, the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano acquired, thanks to the Intesa Sanpaolo donation, 64 hectares of the area, then, in 2011, following renovation and recovery works, the forest was opened.

Discover the Baroque architecture of the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli

The Basilica of impressive dimensions (it is the seventh largest among the Christian churches) is basically not suited to the dictates of Franciscan simplicity, but was necessary to accommodate the masses of pilgrims visiting the Porziuncola, the Chapel of St. Mary of the Angels, which St. Francis received as a gift from the Benedictines of Subasio and which became the nucleus of the first convent, and to the Chapel of the Transitus, the place where St. Francis died on October 4, 1226.

The holy place par excellence of Assisi Basilica di San Francesco

The Basilica of San Francesco is a basilica of Assisi. It is the tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi. As a Major basilica, it has been one of the seven highest-ranking Catholic churches since 1756. The basilica is decorated in the upper and lower part with important Renaissance paintings, including Giotto di Bondone. It was severely damaged in an earthquake on 26 September 1997 and restored with enormous effort.

An imposing medieval fortress Rocca Maggiore
Medieval Village

The Rocca Maggiore looks imposing and austere the historical center below, the narrow gorge crossed by the river Tescio and much of the Valle Umbra, which extends from Perugia to Spoleto: visiting the structure gives the opportunity to observe a significant example of military architecture fourteenth century still well preserved, enjoying a panorama of the most evocative of Umbria.